Side belay

Sometimes called a lateral belay. The historical method of belaying. Most often provided in combination with belaying the leader. The essence of side belaying is the use of another additional belay station. A person is thereby secured with two ropes. Any potential fall takes the form of a larger or smaller pendulum, swinging action. This method of belaying is used, for example, by old-time Saxon sandstone climbers, who when mounting an ascent on an inaccessible tower belayed themselves additionally from the peak of an adjacent, more easily accessible tower. Saxon Germans call this side belay a “schwebe”. Nowadays this style is used only exceptionally and is considered unsporting. The schwebe is occasionally used during ascents which do not depend on sport value (e.g. during rescue operations, purpose-oriented maintenance climbs associated with the repair of certain protection devices placed in the rock; side belays are also used by spelunkers when climbing difficult passages while charting caves or speloalpinism).

Side belay

Side belay

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