Mountaineering accessories

About accessories can be generally said the same as was said about gear. Each climbing event calls for a specific choice of the necessary accessories, and various climbing disciplines also require the use of slightly different accessories. As was already said in previous sections of the book, accessories are the objects that are used to achieve a certain level of comfort and can be used in other activities than just the climbing. The accessories typically include clothing, footwear, sleeping bag and all things needed for camping. These are neither the things that would directly help us to climb up, nor the things we would grab to overcome gravity, or used for protection against fall. That doesn’t mean that they are useless, on the contrary, on many occasions can the right accessories save our lives, especially during sudden climatic changes when the storm or freezing weather strike. Accessories require more maintenance than the gear. Special attention should be paid to the footwear, especially boots, and to the outerwear clothing, such jacket, trousers or leggings, and also to the tent. After every event they need to be cleaned from coarse dirt, must be washed and then impregnated to keep them water resistant for the next event. It is necessary to use detergent recommended for the particular parts of the accessories. Most manufacturers give instructions relating to how to maintain their products, please follow them. The same applies for used impregnating agents.

Today the climbing accessories include a range of electronic devices, such as GPS devices, avalanche transceivers, altimeters, etc. These devices widely contain embedded processors and installed software, so an integral part of a climber’s live is also to monitor whether there is the new update for the device that can fix some bugs, which were not known at the time of purchase. Do not forget about it.

Before the event it is also good to check all ordinary pieces of equipment that have not been used for a long time. For example let’s talk about cooker. We don’t use it every weekend as much as we do other climbing equipment, only sometimes during a bigger trip. And when we go on such a trip, we take our cooker out of the depths of the closet where it was laying dormant for a long time, unlike some carabiner whose function was verified in action last week during our normal weekend climbing. And who knows, maybe its seal on the gas valve has perished. Therefore before any event is always necessary to check the functionality of all parts of equipment, which we did not use for longer than a month. It is good to focus on all rubber or flexible parts, e.g. seals, then rubber bands or elastic tapes, laces and various tying cords. It is also good to test and put together the things assembled from multiple parts, to verify the functionality of mechanisms, and also that all parts are available and nothing is missing. Common thing is to put up the tent while we are still at home, then fold it and roll it and no longer manipulate with any of its parts. This is the ideal method to prevent the situation of finding somewhere on the glacier plateau half an hour before the dark that we are missing one tent pole.

The list of things that we will need for our mountaineering activities will cover similarly to the whole focus of this textbook climbing on the artificial walls, rocks and mountains up to 5000 m above sea level, i.e. medium high mountains in the usual climate at most. In this textbook we do not take into account the activity in arctic conditions or in the mountains of the Himalayas type which, by its nature, is not the terrain where would people who are trying to learn the climbing go. This is a textbook, so we primarily focus on the things that the beginners will come in the contact at the beginning and most often.

So this is the end of the introduction to climbing accessories. Now in the other parts of the book we will take a look at the overview of its most important parts.

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