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Author: Thomas Kublak; This extensive work would not have been possible without the help of a number of other people and partners. When photographing images and recording video we cooperated with certain members of the Sakal Mountaineering Club, namely Jan Perina, Jan Rasa, Radovan Rasa, Pavel Ptacek, Ondrej Ripa, Martin Rusina, Jindriska Walderova and Petr Walder; of the members of other clubs and other mountaineers it is necessary to recognise by name Martin Bily, Jan Ruzicka, Stepan Mikes, Jitka Sinecká, Sean Nelb and Ales Novak. After the first texts were created, at that time still intended for the Mountaineering Methodology website, Jan Rasa helped improve them from the beginning with his first detailed comments. Another significant influence on the contents was provided by Tomas Frank, with whom the author of Mountaineering Methodology met in an author’s collective for a different work, the classic print textbook Horolezecka abeceda (“The Mountaineering Alphabet”). During work on this book another improvement of the texts ensured, certain of which are used here in Mountaineering Methodology as well. Other advice on the text was also offered by Petr Jandik, who also provided certain historic photographs. Other historic photographs were provided by Vaclav Sirl, to whom is also owed great thanks.

Thomas Kublak







  • chairman of the mountaineering club Sakal
  • mountaineering instructor of Czech Mountaineering Federation (CMF) in years 2000 – 2013
  • member of the safety committee CMF in years 2006 – 2012
  • co-author of book The Mountaineering Alphabet (Czech edition)

Photographic team

Jan Perina







Jan Rasa







Jindriska Walderova







Martin Bily







Jan Ruzicka







Ales Novak