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Winter is coming, get ready.

Mountaineering Methodology – Part 5 – Snow and Ice

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Rock Climbing Instructor – better price

Apple has raised prices in the App Store recently. We did not like some new price levels. And so we’ve improved it. The “Rock Climbing Instructor” application will be free from now. For all stores.

So, and that’s settled.

Have a nice day 🙂


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Action – App RCI free

Rock Climbing Instructor application is free! Just for a week (10.4 -17.4) [Ended].

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Preview 6

The new climbing sessions here. Keep a nice spring and summer 2017! Be wakeful and knowledgeable.

Rock Climbing Instructor for Android

Rock Climbing Instructor application is now also avilable for Android.

App Rock Climbing Instructor – update 1.1 for iOS

RCI application (iOS) has been updated to version 1.1. Added ability to reset your password. Added ability to copy text.

RCI update


Tip of Instructor – Danger of lanyard

This Tip can be found in app Rock Climbing Instructor. Available on the AppStore – Rock Climbing Instructor.

Constant increasing of Tips. Short reading, but often.

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